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If you want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow or over the next few days anywhere in the world, ForecaWeather is a tool to show you weather information, the current conditions, and additional meteorological details for more than 100,000 cities across the planet.

The first thing the app does is locate you on a map using GPS in order to display the current weather in your city. You can also use the search option to look up any other location and find out about the weather there. ForecaWeather works like all the other apps of its kind, and can provide you with the temperatures throughout the day, including the maximum and minimum temperatures, the speed and direction of the wind, and the type of cloud cover, among other things. This data can also be consulted for the upcoming seven days.

ForecaWeather includes three modes that will help you figure out the weather conditions: rain, clouds, and forecast. With the first option, you can find out whether the clouds in your area are rain clouds and see their movement during a one-hour period. With the second option, you'll see a simpler version of the clouds' movement during the last 12 hours. The forecast option shows a graph of the average temperature for the day along with the possibility of rainfall.

Use ForecaWeather to find out about the weather in your city or the places you're visiting so you'll always be ready, rain or shine.

ForecaWeather v2.3.6 for Android - Download

ForecaWeather v2.3.6 for Android - Download





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