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Quickly find what you're looking for by just pointing your smartphone's camera in any direction with WAMWorld Around Me Lite, an augmented reality app that helps you find any place you want, such as a shop, a monument, or any other type of service.

WAMWorld Around Me Lite is a really easy-to-use app; you just open the category you want to look for and the camera opens up. Then you have to point it forward in order to see what interesting places are around you, thanks to the geolocation features on the device.

The shop categories in WAMWorld Around Me Lite include: Eat and Drink, where you can find bars, restaurants, and cafes; Money, for banks and ATMs; Enjoy, where you can find museums, parks, movie theaters, and art galleries; Gas, for gas stations; Moving, for transportation such as subways, bus stops, trains, taxis and airports; Health, for clinics, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, gyms, and spas; Lodging, for places to stay; Shopping, where you can find a list of malls, clothes stores, bookshops, etc.; and finally Pray, where you can find religious locations nearby, such as churches, mosques, and synagogues.

If you don't like the augmented reality as a way of seeing what's around you, you can choose to view the locations in a list or positioned on the map. In all three options you'll see the distance between you and the place, as well as the best way to get there.

For each location, you can also see other users' ratings of the place, which can help you choose between one place or the other. Alongside the exact address and user reviews, you'll see the phone number and web address, as well as a short description of what you can do in each place.

WAM - World Around Me Lite v2.10 for Android - Download

WAM - World Around Me Lite v2.10 for Android - Download





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