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Eye Color Studio is a photo-editing app focused exclusively on editing the eyes of any person in any photo. Since it's focused on this alone, the results are typically much better than those produced by more general photo-editing apps.

To use Eye Color Studio, just select a photo from your device. The application automatically recognizes the eyes of the person in the photo, but you can also complete this step manually for even better accuracy.

Once you select the eyes, you can start trying out the different eyes included within the app. There are more than 100 different types of eyes in almost every possible color. In addition to just changing the color, you can also find other types like cat and alien eyes.

Once you've finished working on your photo, you can compare the before and after photos by pressing a button. If you like the results, just touch the screen once more to save your work to your device's memory.

Eye Color Studio is a great photo-editing tool. Although it only lets you edit the eyes of the people in the photos, it does this very well.

Eye Color Studio v2.4 for Android - Download

Eye Color Studio v2.4 for Android - Download





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