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Withings Health Mate is a highly recommended app to monitor all the data you need to know in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as the number of steps you take every day, your sleep quality (if you have its accompanying gadget), pounds lost, heart rate, and blood pressure.

All the tools included in Withings Health Mate can be used simultaneously, so you can control your blood pressure as you walk, or get a full weight check as you view different tricks to help you sleep better.

This app will help you understand all this data so you can control your activity levels in order to lose weight or feel healthier. By simply introducing your physical information, Withings Health Mate will calculate the daily activity you need to live a healthy lifestyle as well as the numbers you need in order to reach the proposed targets.

All your advances are displayed in simple and eye-catching graphics that will help you come up with your next targets and see where it is you need to improve while accessing a series of tricks and tips to motivate you to keep going down the right path. Plus, this tool syncs with other similar tools such as MyFitnessApp that help you track your daily food habits and calorie consumption.

The sleep tracker perfectly complements the exercise table and other activities designed to improve your health. With it, you can see how much and how well you've slept, although to take full advantage of this feature you'll need the official Withings wristband or other compatible bands. Thanks to Withings Health Mate you won't leave anything to chance, because your health is the most important thing you have.

Withings Health Mate v2.10.60 for Android - Download

Withings Health Mate v2.10.60 for Android - Download





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