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TomTom, the main manufacturer of navigation systems in Europe, has a mobile app called TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic that gives you all the latest features so you can arrive at any destination in the world by following directions that are safe, reliable, and up-to-date.

Thanks to this app, you'll always be able to choose the best route based on possible shortcuts, amount of traffic, or possible traffic incidents, which are updated in real time. If there is an accident, alternative routes will be generated automatically.

Another advantage of TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic is that when you start driving, you'll be able to see all the buildings and monuments in 3D. Even if you don't know where you are or which street you have to take, the GPS will give you all the points of reference you need to locate yourself on the map.

The map also sends you an alert if radar is being used to control traffic in the area. This function alerts you with a sound so that you avoid any potential fines and reduce your speed in places that are problematic or dangerous. You won't even have to look at the screen while you drive.

If you're on a long-distance trip or visiting cities you've never been to, TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic provides you with thousands of points of interest, from buildings or monuments to gas stations and hospitals.

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic v1.8.1 for Android - Download

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic v1.8.1 for Android - Download





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