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Mamá Psicóloga Infantil is the perfect app for any parent or guardian of children. It will teach you how to educate your children in the best possible way, providing solutions to typical issues for each age.

The tool is divided into several categories: parenting, child development, child psychology, school psychology, games, and books. In each you'll find tons of tips on how to raise your children while avoiding things like overprotection, jealousy, and tantrums. It wil also help you make decisions on important topics like education and discipline. The information is organized by age: babies, one to three years old, three to six, and six to nine. Each age has its own challenges.

If you aren't sure what your children need, why they behave the way they do, or how you can help, this tool will help you navigate all the challenges of having a baby or child. It also has educational games, books, and apps you can purchase and download if you want to get more involved in your child's education and development.

Mamá Psicóloga Infantil also compiles articles from parenting publications so you can read expert opinions on children's fears, or how to develop their social skills, avoid boredom, get rid of bad habits, and many other important aspects of raising a child.

Mamá Psicóloga Infantil v1.0.0 for Android - Download

Mamá Psicóloga Infantil v1.0.0 for Android - Download





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