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GPS Map is a very useful app to track your movements using your device's GPS. This tool can be used to help you remember where you parked your car, find the best way to get to a specific location, or pinpoint a particular location in a city that you've never been to before.

Whenever you open the app, your exact position will be marked by a point on the map, accompanied by your corresponding longitude and latitude (found on the upper part of the screen). This lets you you manually enter the coordinates of a place you visited previously and see that point on the map again.

GPS Map's main function is to record the route you've taken while walking around a location, depicted by a line drawn across the map. You can activate and deactivate this feature with a simple click and view the different places you've been along the way. You also have the option of looking for different establishments like nearby restaurants, cinemas, and theaters to help you make a plan once you arrive to your destination.

Another important feature guides you to your destination by providing you with directions. You can click on any point on the map or type in a particular street name or the coordinates of any location, and GPS Map will provide you with the most direct and convenient route to get there.

GPS Map 27.0.7 for Android - Download

GPS Map 27.0.7 for Android - Download





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