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Thanks to Fake Call & SMS, we can create false telephone calls and text messages and personalize their characteristics at the same time, editing parameters like the name that will show up, an accompanying photo, and the ringtone.

Before we continue, it's important to note that these calls can only be made within your own device, not that of someone else. In other words, it's an app to play jokes within your own smartphone.

Of course, maybe the most interesting way to use the app is to program fake calls that will allow you to slip away from an unwanted situation. You could, for example, prepare a call from your 'mother' or your 'boss' that will 'call you' at a predetermined hour, so you have an excuse to escape from a concrete situation.

Although you can create contacts directly inside the application, Fake Call & SMS also gives you the ability to have real contacts 'call' you or 'send' you text messages.

Fake Call & SMS is an intriguing tool that, all joking aside, could really come in handy if you need to extract yourself from an uncomfortable situation. For example: you're with your mother-in-law and you need an escape route, well just receive a call from your 'mother' and you're all set.

Fake Call & SMS v2.39a for Android - Download

Fake Call & SMS v2.39a for Android - Download





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