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Tap It Big is a strategy game where your aim is to turn your little casino with just one slot machine into a giant Vegas casino where customers can enjoy dozens of different games.

Tap It Big's gameplay is very, very simple. Use the little money you start with to buy a slot machine, and with that make money to buy a pachinko machine. And so on and so on with a poker table, a roulette wheel, etc. Meanwhile, you can upgrade all these games, and the more you invest, the more money you'll make.

Using this simple system, you have to unlock every available game in the first casino, which is actually a basement. Once you have enough money (several trillion dollars), you can move to a different place, changing buildings until you finally reach the casino in Las Vegas. Additionally, you can also play roulette to get bonuses … or even sell everything you have to get more money in the next game.

Tap It Big is a strategy game where there's actually little strategy involved. If anything, it's a game about patience, where waiting is key if you want to succeed and earn more money. In any case, it's an entertaining pastime.

Tap It Big v1.3.1 for Android - Download

Tap It Big v1.3.1 for Android - Download





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