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What do you think of if you hear the word ‘Spartan’? Most of the people will imagine a mighty Greek warrior, with huge muscles and desire to show the art of warfare. Let’s review the game “Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor” to find out its peculiarities.

After the first lesson, which can be skipped, the player makes the first steps in building a Spartan village. An important factor here is the enslavement of the workers which affects directly the expansion of the territory, and the efficiency of the building. Acquired slaves should be equally distributed over the working areas. Correct tactical decisions are extremely important in the initial stages. With a course of time you will build temples and training barracks for your soldiers. You will have control over everything related to managing the town, arranging the buildings, and so on.

Eventually, the game “Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor” for Android will be revealed in full, in other words it will show all its strong moments. However, the first few hours you will have to spend in order to create your own “base” and optimize all processes in it. The developers have implemented a very useful feature – you will receive notifications on completion of certain stages even when the game is not running.

If we talk about the plot, it has a lot of layers. You will have alternatives almost for every action. On the one hand, you can concentrate on the war, develop an army to attack and attack the enemy cities. On the other hand, the emphasis can be done on the inner well-being which is achieved by wise economic and technological solutions. By the way, you can enter into alliances with other players.

This app is one of the most successful gaming reconstructions Spartan era. You will not need to spend hours in the virtual world, as often happens in similar games. It is enough to build up effective development plans and to show yourself in the battles.
The game also has an outstanding graphics and style and enough content to make you return to your empire day after day.

Excellent game, in short.

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor v1.4.9 for Android - Download

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor v1.4.9 for Android - Download





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