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Snapimals is game where, instead of having to build headquarters and kill enemies, you'll need to build a museum and take pictures of wild animals.

The game is divided into two different parts. In the first, you have to make your way through different biospheres, camera in hand, to take pictures of animals. You'll have a limited number of pictures, so always try to get the best pictures possible.

After you finish the roll of film, the Captain (a character who goes with you on your adventure) will value your pictures depending on the angle, distance, and composition. The better the picture, the better reward you'll get! Sometimes the Captain will ask you to take pictures of specific animals in specific situations.

The second part of the game consists of managing the museum where you can exhibit your pictures. You can create access to the island so visitors can easily come to the museum, expand the facilities, etc. You can also take a look at the different missions the Captain has for you.

Snapimals is gorgeous game in every single aspect. It's educational but it doesn't need to constantly remind you about it. And even more importantly, it's an educational game for all audiences, not just kids.

Snapimals v1.0.5 for Android - Download

Snapimals v1.0.5 for Android - Download





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