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Qube Kingdom is a tower defense game with graphics very similar to the popular Cube World. In it, players must defend the Kingdoms of Qubria from the attack of all kinds of evil creatures – spiders, dragon, necromancers, and skeletons.

Qube Kingdom's gameplay is very traditional: your enemies follow a set path and begin advancing when you indicate that you've set up all your defenses, which you can only place on specific points of the map. Of course you'll have many different types of defenders (warriors, wizards, archers…), which you can also upgrade.

Even though you can do battle in lots of different settings on Qube Kingdom, you can't just advance from one to the other just like that; you'll have a main base of operations from which to manage troops and missions. This way, the game adds an additional level of depth to its fun gameplay.

Qube Kingdom combines traditional gameplay with modern graphics to offer a nice-looking and fun gaming experience. Plus it comes with a huge amount of content in terms of missions, enemies, and troops.

Qube Kingdom 57 for Android - Download

Qube Kingdom 57 for Android - Download





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