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Life Simulator is an odd game where you can live out your life as you've always wanted. Starting with no money, no power, and hungry, you'll have to begin earning a paycheck and take care of your basic needs to climb the social ladder and achieve your dreams. Develop yourself as a person and make good decisions or goof off if you'd rather take risks. After all, you can always restart your entire life with just a click.

The first thing you need to know is that every need has a cost, so you'll have to try meet your obligations in a way that accrues more benefits than necessities or you'll hit some serious rough patches. Life Simulator begins with you as an adolescent, when you just have to eat, sleep, and go to the movies to live well. This is when you should try to make as much money as you can so you have something saved up when the real problems come.

As you age, you'll have to decide to go to college or take the easy route. Make sure you choose well because your future depends partly on the path you choose. While you're studying or looking for work, you'll have to keep an eye on your energy, hunger, and leisure levels, as if one of the three gets too low you'll start having problems.

Life Simulator will test you as face the major milestones of a good life. You can develop your character, open your own business, have a family, and buy or sell everything that you own, all depending on how you want to spend your days. If you want to start from scratch, reset all your decisions, and take a different path, you can. Imagine your future and see it to its logical conclusion without jeopardizing your real life. A great way to test how your life would be if you had made different decisions.

Life Simulator for Android - Download

Life Simulator for Android - Download





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