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Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is a strategy MMO set in space where you play a young commander of an army of either Terrans, Nivelians, or Vossks, the three races available in the Galaxy on Fire universe.

Unlike previous titles in the franchise where you just control a ship, in Galaxy on Fire: Alliances you'll have to manage an entire space empire. Your mission is to build all the buildings you'll need your for your planets to develop, organize trade routes to your ships, and make deals with other players.

That said, although in Galaxy on Fire: Alliances the aim is to run your empire as peacefully as you can, there's also time for war. In fact, players will face enemies controlled by both the computer and other human players. Of course, you can also form alliances to fight together against other opponents.

The graphics in Galaxy on Fire: Alliances are outstanding, and although you'll spend most of your time on menus, the views of the ships and planets are spectacular.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is an excellent space-based MMO with all the ingredients to become a big hit in the genre on Android.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances v1.12.1 for Android - Download

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances v1.12.1 for Android - Download





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