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Fish Farm 2 is the second part of the saga by the same name that lets you care for a giant, very realistic-looking aquarium that includes dozens of species from all over the world. It works like a real fish tank: you just feed your animals so they don't die and take care of their basic needs. To do any action, you just have to tap the corresponding button on the screen – it's that easy.

Fish Farm 2 includes loads of choices, including whether to raise saltwater or freshwater fish, in up to a total of 20 different tanks to which you can add loads of different decorations and create different underwater settings by editing the aquarium background. Also, the game includes an endless number of species that can be crossbred to create new colorful and exotic fish. The 3D movement of the fish is so realistic that you'll stare at them for ages, just as if it were a real fish tank.

When it comes time for caretaking, Fish Farm 2 doesn't require any special knowledge of the animals: grab the food, sprinkle it so they can all eat, and make sure all of them get some since, as in real life, the bigger and stronger fish will steal food from the smaller ones. A bar above their heads shows when they need to eat and if their needs are all met.

With more than 200 species available in this adventure, the game lets you interact with your pets with small taps on the screen to help you earn coins and upgrade your fish tank. Also, you can get new skills to unlock other improvements. Fish Farm 2 is also a social game in which you can visit your friends' aquariums and take care of their fish as if they were your own.

Fish Farm 2 1.4 (GPA) for Android - Download

Fish Farm 2 1.4 (GPA) for Android - Download





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