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Dragon Ninjas is a strategy game where you control a ninja clan trying to regain territory from its enemies. The enemy clan is led by a terrifying group of demons, but luckily you'll have the help of other equally powerful creatures.

In the game's main screen, there's a world map where you can see the areas conquered by your clan and the zones still held by the enemy. You can attack any area within your reach, but you should make sure you're prepared to fight.

The fighting in Dragon Ninjas is turn-based. Before you fight, you can choose the units you want to use, keeping in mind that each type of unit is strongest against a particular enemy. You can fight manually or automate battles so they go much faster.

Dragon Ninjas is a strategy game with the occasional touch of role. It has an interesting setting and excellent graphics, plus hundreds of objects you can use to customize and kit out your ninjas.

Dragon Ninjas 4.0.2132-ATC for Android - Download

Dragon Ninjas 4.0.2132-ATC for Android - Download





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