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Clouds and Sheep 2 is the second installment in this series of games where your aim is to help a flock of sheep live happily on a farm. To start you actually have just one sheep, but soon enough you'll get it some more sheep friends.

You can interact with almost everything you see on the screen: move the sheep from one side to the other by picking them up with your fingertips, or move the clouds around to make storm clouds. You can even add different objects to your farm, or pull the sheep's tails to shoot them up in the air.

In Clouds and Sheep 2 it's important to keep your sheep healthy and safe, and that's not very easy. If a sheep gets too wet during a storm, you have to dry it with hot towels. If it's in the sun for too long, you have to put ice on it.

As you complete missions and help your sheep, you'll get stars as rewards, and with them buy lots of different objects, from simple decorations like fences and scarecrows to things to customize your flock.

Clouds and Sheep 2 is a very simple game. Although it doesn't offer a particularly complex challenge, it can still be pretty fun and entertaining for anyone.

Clouds and Sheep 2 v1.0.4 for Android - Download

Clouds and Sheep 2 v1.0.4 for Android - Download





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