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Cards and Castles is a Scrolls-style strategy card game where players must destroy the enemy base before the enemies destroy their base. That simple, but at the same time quite complicated.

In each turn, your base generates a certain amount of money that you can use to buy cards. The most common cards are the troop cards, which allow you to spread your troops across the board. The cheapest cards are normally the least powerful, while the more expensive cards allow for more powerful moves.

In addition to the troops, you can also have cards for magic spells and buildings. The magic spell cards let you give power-ups to your troops, while the building cards give you other benefits each turn. The factories, for example, give you more money each turn.

One of the strong points of Cards and Castles is the number of levels, scenes, and cards it has. In total there are five different factions with dozens of different cards and a good handful of different settings where the action can play out.

Cards and Castles is a collectible card strategy game and even though its visuals are mediocre, if offers a stupendous playing experience.

Cards and Castles v2.1.50 for Android - Download

Cards and Castles v2.1.50 for Android - Download





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