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BeatNiks is a virtual pet video game where you can create a nice creature and make it evolve to the tune of your own music. You can put it in the shower, make it wear different clothes, feed it, play with it, and even tickle it. The best thing about it is that you can make it enjoy your very own beats.

This is what sets BeatNiks apart from other virtual pet games: you can sync your creature with what you're listening to. Just follow the steps indicated in the game so everything you play on Spotify and Pandora is reflected in your creature.

Besides listening to music, you can make your creature play different minigames with other creatures. In one of these, for instance, you can listen to songs on your computer and try to keep up with the rhythm. Another minigame challenges your memory, and in another one you have to hunt hotdogs.

One of the most fun things about BeatNiks is the extraordinary level of customization it allows for your virtual pet. In the beginning, you can choose several different options to create a very unique monster. As it evolves, you can keep adding more unique traits. There also dozens of items for your pet to wear.

BeatNiks is a wonderful virtual pet game that offers a unique experience and gorgeous graphics. The game also has dozens of missions you can complete in order to gain experience.

BeatNiks v2.20 for Android - Download

BeatNiks v2.20 for Android - Download





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