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YO! is a useful app to send and receive any type of files between Android devices connected to the same WiFi network. With this app you can share heavy files in a matter of seconds without eating up your data plan. There are no limits on the number of devices or to the size of the files, so you can share anything you want with anyone.

The app can send lightweight files such as text, videos, and pictures really quickly, and other heavier files like movies or entire discs in just a few minutes. Besides sharing files, YO! also lets you chat with other app users.

The interface in YO! makes selecting the files you want to share easier. The main window is divided into three categories: videos, pictures, and audio. To choose the contact you want to send the files to, you can choose from the list of devices connected to the WiFi or send a message to any user through WhatsApp to let that person know you have a file to send him or her.

YO! also lets you create a WiFi access point so that any friend or family member can connect directly to it. That way they don't need to have access to a router or a specific network, you just have to give them the code used to open the hotspot.

YO! app v1.0.4 for Android - Download

YO! app v1.0.4 for Android - Download





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          Editors' Note: To download the application, click on “Download” button. Enter your log in details. When download is completed, go to your app bar, click Downloads and find the file you just downloaded. Open the file and press “Install”. Please note that this download may not be available in some countries.

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