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Whether you exercise at home or at the gym, Xculpture will be really useful for you, since it helps you monitor all the physical activities and exercises you do. The app's thousands of users share daily workouts and create specific exercise routines that you can follow yourself. Many of the posts have been created by professional personal trainers who want to share their knowledge with everyone.

When you start using the app, you'll select which type of exercises you want to do, whether focusing on your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, chest, or any other muscle group that you can strengthen using weights, bars, machines, discs – in short, any method you can do at home or in the gym.

Once you've chosen a body part, method, and difficulty (low, medium, or high), you'll find a long list of exercises proposed by other users, filtered by the preferences you've ticked. Next to each exercise, you'll see a rating that other users have given it after trying it out. When you click on each one, you'll find a video that shows you how to do the exercise, the muscles you'll be working, and the exercise intensity. From there you can decide whether it's right for the training you want to do for that day. If it's not, you can keep searching and comparing.

Create your own daily challenges, improve each day, and meet loads of people dedicated to fitness through the brilliant Xculpture social network, where gurus and professionals will create totally personalized exercises for you and you can also share your own exercises with others. A community that grows daily.

Xculpture v1.21 for Android - Download

Xculpture v1.21 for Android - Download





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