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Are you having one of the best times of your life and wish you could relive it later on, or at least record a message for your future self?

Recmember Me is an app designed to create a 'recmember', a picture or video that you or a friend will enjoy watching in the future. Write how you feel, dedicate a couple lines, take a picture or record a video, and then hit send.

Was there something big you want to achieve, like earning your degree, quitting smoking, or getting through a difficult time? You can record a 20-second video to remember this moment later on when you've finally succeeded. It doesn't matter how long it takes: you can send your recmember up to 100 years in the future.

This tool will store all your memories and send them on a specific date, letting you and your loved ones relive those special moments from the past.

With Recmember Me you just have to pick a free template and add a picture, title, and text or short video. Then choose a recipient and the date you want them (or your future self) to receive the message. Also, if the recipient doesn't have an email address at the time (because it's a child, for example), you can add it later, closer to the send date.

You'll always have your memories available in a unique way with Recmember Me.

Recmember Me 38.0 for Android - Download

Recmember Me 38.0 for Android - Download





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