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Imagenes Para Enamorar is an Android app with dozens of romantic images for your use. You can share them on your social networks with your contacts and spread a message of love with the world, or send them to that special someone.

The app is divided into two categories: images and poems. The first category has a lot of photos that include romantic phrases (though they are all in Spanish). You can dedicate these to your partner, your crush, or whomever you're thinking about. "The shortest distance between us is your smile" or "You and I, my favorite phrase" are some examples of the kinds of cards you'll find.

The second category has over 30 poems that you can read or send to your loved one. To read them in full, you have to open them one by one. Some of them are short, while others are much longer. Choose the one you like and send it to your favorite person. No matter what you choose, image or poem, you can share it on your social networks with just the click of a button. From there, you can choose which app to use to send your message out.

Imagenes para enamorar v1.0.0 for Android - Download

Imagenes para enamorar v1.0.0 for Android - Download





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